Elevate Your Horse’s Wellness with Yummy Smoothies and Treats

Wow! Looks like everyone had a great time and lots of yummy smoothies.

When it comes to horses, a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. In this video, Emma Massingale showcased the art of building a strong bond with horses by creating positive associations. She illustrated how to make delicious and nutritious smoothies for equine friends to help them easily consume their necessary deworming paste.

Horses have a natural aversion to bitter or sour tastes, making the paste challenging to swallow. But with the incorporation of fruits and molasses into the smoothies, Emma brought joy to the experience for her horse companions.

As she crafted each smoothie, she shared her knowledge and techniques to get the most out of each blend. For instance, she used natural thickening agents to thicken the final blend and make it more appealing to the horses.

Emma also shed light on horse behavior and psychology as she went through each step of the process. She explained that by offering the horses a delightful experience with the smoothies, they would be more accepting of the paste in the future.

Her approach was about more than simplifying the deworming process. Emma also wanted to create a trusting relationship between her and her horses. Her unique method of horse training emphasized the significance of making horses feel at ease and confident in their interactions with humans.

After finishing each smoothie, she summoned different horses to taste it. First, Custard, a stunning chestnut mare with a sweet tooth for molasses, came forward. Then, the little ponies approached, enthusiastic to try the sweet treats. Finally, the majestic white Connemara horses and Charlie, the donkey, joined in on the fun. The horses’ reactions showed their love for the smoothies. They sucked on the syringes with excitement and nuzzled Emma’s hand for more.

“It’s just about giving them a nice experience,” said Emma. “If they are happy to have something syringed in their mouths, and they think it’s gonna be a pleasant experience and they’re gonna keep that in their mind when it comes to giving them those things that perhaps don’t taste quite so nice.”

Emma’s approach to horse training was more than just getting the job done. It was about creating a positive and meaningful relationship between horses and humans. By making the deworming process more delightful, she established the foundation for a lifelong partnership between her and her horses.

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Elevate Your Horse\'s Wellness with Yummy Smoothies and Treats