Employee reunites a baby sloth with his mother

The way they hugged each other. OMG!

While going about her duties, an employee at the Jaguar Rescue Center heard something crying on the beach. When she followed the sound, she found a tiny baby sloth whose mother had dropped him.

The employee wanted to reunite the baby with his mom as soon as possible, but since most sloths live high up in the trees, the employee feared that the baby might have hurt himself.

Thinking quickly, the employee scooped up the baby sloth and took him to the veterinarian to ensure that the little one had not received an injury in his fall. Fortunately, the baby was just fine.

While the veterinarian examined the baby, the clever rescue center employee recorded the cries of the baby sloth, and when she brought the baby outside, she played the sound to alert the baby’s mother.

“We recorded the cry of the baby and played it near the tree to get the mom’s attention,” said the employee. “We waited patiently until the mom came down for the baby.”

Thankfully, the mom heard and started down the tree. Sloths, true to their name, are slow creatures. Without the assistance of the employee, the mama sloth might never have seen her baby again.

As the mother made it within distance, the employee lifted the baby into her arms, and she embraced the little one in a heartwarming hug. Once the baby was safely latched onto her back once more, she resumed her climb up the tree.

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Employee reunites a baby sloth with his mother