English Setter Sets World Record for Longest Dog Tongue

Bisbee’s record-breaking tongue is impressive and hilarious! 😆👅

In the heart of Tucson, Arizona, a lovable English Setter named Bisbee has rolled out an achievement to leave you wide-eyed. His standout characteristic is not his beautiful freckled coat or those expressive eyes, it’s his tongue that leaves onlookers in awe. It unfurls to an astounding length of 3.74 inches, outclassing a standard popsicle stick! Not just a quirky feature, Bisbee’s elongated tongue has inked his name in the Guinness World Records book. But the exciting part? You can witness the wonder yourself through an awe-inspiring video coming your way.

The Johnson couple, Jay and Ericka, were smitten with Bisbee from the moment they saw him at a charity auction. His tongue, a sight to behold, even then, was more than just a comedic element. It marked him as different, unique, and imprinted itself into their hearts. They recount how he pants humorously during exercises, his tongue trailing far out, brushing against his sides.

But let’s not reduce Bisbee to his tongue alone. He is not just a record-smashing hound but a bundle of love. His favorite pastimes? Following his human companions around the house and seeking cuddles. Despite his struggle with hip dysplia, he loves his walks and splashing around in the pool during summer.

The previous record holder was a St. Bernard named Mochi, boasting a tongue of 7.31 inches. Sadly, Mochi passed on in 2021, passing the title onto our tongue-lolling hero, Bisbee.

As the Animal Rescue Society reporter noted, this video comes as a delightful snippet from Bisbee’s everyday life. You get to see how this unique characteristic shapes his interactions, and maybe, just maybe, it might leave you chuckling at his peculiar, lovable antics.

Jay and Ericka beam with pride at their fur-kid’s achievement. Bisbee’s charm isn’t just in his record-breaking tongue; it’s in his vivacious spirit, and the boundless love he brings to their lives. Now, you’re invited to become a part of this love-filled journey. Watch Bisbee in action, as he proudly brandishes his record-breaking tongue, and embrace the pure joy this one-of-a-kind English Setter brings to the world.

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English Setter Sets World Record for Longest Dog Tongue