When This Family Moved Away, They Left Their Dog Behind To STARVE. Watch What This Vet Does…

This story completely baffled me. I can think of no reason other than malice and cruelty to leave a dog to starve. Yet the people from this family decided to do just that. They moved home and they left their dog on their previous property to fend for herself.

45 days later a Good Samaritan heard the dog’s cries and came to the rescue. This poor dog was starving and close to death. Her rescuer took her to the Vet Ranch where she received an urgent medical care.

When she arrived at the Vet Ranch weighed only 36 pounds. After receiving the care and love that she needed to recover she was ready to start life over again. This dog has an incredible success story, but there are many dogs, and other animals, out there who suffer under the oppressive yoke of cruel humans.

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