Fancy Feline’s Bedtime Routine Will Melt Your Heart

This is what happens when cats pick their humans.

If you have your own pet, you likely think that it’s the most magnificent animal in the world. Who could blame you? One man and his astonishingly fluffy cat share a unique bond that makes the two inseparable.

Everything from daily snuggles, pets, groomings, and kisses bring these buddies together. It’s clear that Eric, the cat can’t get enough of his human dad. Even when he’s trying to relax and watch television, Eric will instantly climb on top of his head to give him cuddles.

His owner has been working from home lately, which doesn’t stop his feline friend from interrupting his workday. In classic cat fashion, Eric will stretch out across the keyboard and jump onto his dad’s lap for an afternoon nap.

If that’s not adorable enough, this man and his cat have a precious nighttime routine that they share. Packed with a laidback evening filled with their favorite shows and getting comfy under warm blankets, it’s clear these two were meant to be.

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Fancy Feline’s Bedtime Routine Will Melt Your Heart