He Films Big Dogs Alone In The Forest. But When The Camera Zooms Out? My Jaw DROPPED!

Saint Bernards are one of the most famous dog breeds ever, and their incredible mishaps and adventures are already a matter of legend. There’s all sorts of wonderful stories that narrate the amazing feats that they’ve accomplished only to reach their humans to help them, going through rain, snow and ice just to save them from death.

They’re known for being a very fine and proud breed, possessing a strength of character that is almost unmatchable, and also great wits and pride. A proud owner of this particular type of dog decided to record his dogs one day, just to get some video of them, but he never expected the thing to go completely viral on the internet in such a short amount of time!

It’s easy to see how a video like this would become so popular, after all, it does portray a total of 38 Saint Bernards going for a walk together. You read that right, that’s 38 huge pooches running and playing all together in one big bunch. The way the video was recorded is stunning too; when the camera pans out and shows all of them, I was completely blown away!

Watch this amazing dog video for yourself right below, you won’t regret it.