Fish That Was Caught Doesn’t Want To Be Thrown Back

~sings~ But the cat(fish) came back, it didn’t stay away, it was sitting on the shore, the very next day.

During a fishing tournament, one of the contestants caught a catfish and then tossed it back in the water. The fish, seeming to enjoy the fisherman’s company, swam back to shore multiple times. No matter how many times the fisherman put it the water, his new fish buddy wanted to remain at his side.

When you enter a fishing tournament, the objective is to see how many fish you can catch during the time limit. During one tournament, however, a certain fisherman had the added challenge of having to release the same fish multiple times. You see, once he caught a catfish, he tossed it back into the water to live its fishy life — only the fish had other ideas.

Apparently, this fish took a liking to the fisherman, so once he was tossed into the lake, the fish swam back onshore. Laughing the fisherman again threw the fish gently into the water and again, the fish returned. Maybe he liked the wild ride of being tossed, maybe he liked the fisherman so much he wanted to stay with him.

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Fish That Was Caught Doesn’t Want To Be Thrown Back