This Little Frenchie Is Determined Not To Go To Bed

“I’m not sleepy, I’m just resting my eyes…” 😍

Does anyone in your family give those ‘puppy-dog eyes’ whenever they want you to do something for them? (I have teenagers, they still try it on me.) Well, imagine this insanely adorable little guy giving you those eyes? Having a puppy with such pleading eyes must be a nightmare whenever you either want them to do something, or it misbehaves. One look from it and you might as well give up.

The little Frenchie in our video has been asked by his mom to go for a nap. She has a neat little box for him with a blanket by her desk while she is at work. But he really, really does not want to go to bed. And boy does he let mom know. If those eyes weren’t enough, how does she get passed that tantrum? I would have caved.

Eventually, our little guy climbs in his make-shift bed. He even continues to gripe, albeit quieter now, before finally submitting to the comfort of his blanket, and falls asleep. Sweet dreams, little guy. I hope he has brightened your day as much as he did mine.

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This Little Frenchie Is Determined Not To Go To Bed