This Frightened Horse Was Only 700 Pounds When They Found Her, But That Was Just The Beginning…

Dr. Matt at Vet Ranch usually works on small, furry pets, like cats and dogs, and they are quite the experts at rescuing animals that need their help. However, more recently he had to rescue a much larger variety of pet than he’s used to. He had to rescue a horse. This was a first for Dr. Matt and his team, but they took her to their ranch and you can see her unbelievable story here.

This horse is named Flower. She was found weighing only 700 pounds, starving and malnourished, and left to die by her owner. The long-term neglect she suffered showed in her scars and her skeletal frame. Seven hundred pounds may sound like a lot, but for a horse it is well under weight. Even once she gained weight and got to 1,000 pounds, she was still considered underweight.

Flower’s teeth also showed the effects of neglect and Dr. Matt and his team had to fix them so that she could chew her food and eat properly. She needed numerous procedures and lots of special care, but she eventually gained weight and came back to life. The only reason Vet Ranch could help Flower and all the other animals they help is because of donations from kind people who want to help, so if you’d like to donate, please be sure to visit their website.

Watch Flower’s incredible rescue and recovery in the video below.

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