Geese on parade strut to ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’

The geese have a better sense of rhythm than the humans.

Count the number of people frowning at a marching band of geese. You’ll be watching a long time because nobody is frowning. This is one marching band that has everyone smiling.

Who doesn’t love a good marching band? The amped-up energy of the instruments and the marching formation, all bring a sort of carnival-level joy to the streets.

This particular marching band is no exception, but onlookers may think that it has way too much honking. There are two humans with both hands handling musical instruments. The rest are geese.

Yes, geese. Gray feathers, orange feet, and bills. They don’t have the hands to play the music but they have the feet and the soul needed to move to the music.

The marching geese aren’t spur-of-the-moment performers. They’ve trained at this stuff for a while. The band is their side-hustle for corn money, which is why they’re as talented as they are.

We can’t see your face, but we’re betting that you’re smiling more than you were just a few minutes ago. These geese are a welcome sight wherever they go and for good reason. They bring the energy of a band with the silliness of a goose.

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Geese on parade strut to ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’