Generous Cat Offers Flowers in Trade for Treats and a Good Nap

I never was fond of cats but this cat is a good reason why I should be.

UK resident Rosie is one of several neighbors who receive regular visits from a friendly cat named Willow. The neighborhood contains multiple terraces separated by a large garden where the amiable feline likes to spend her time. Area residents all welcome Willow into their homes to share snacks and comfortable places for her to enjoy a nap.

At the beginning of spring, Rosie began noticing pink flowers strewn about her yard. Presuming the wind was blowing the blossoms into the lawn, she didn’t think much about it until her roommate mentioned seeing Willow walking around carrying a pink blossom in her mouth. The flowers started showing up on Rosie’s deck, scattered as if to set an amorous scene.

Rosie was still not completely convinced until the day she saw it. Sure enough, the outgoing feline was toting a flower, preparing to leave it like a gift with the others on the deck. The flowers are certainly preferable to the gifts most cats bring to their guardians, who are sometimes bemused and other times disgusted by the generous presents brought home by their feline friends.

Rosie and her roommate feel quite honored by the gifts, assuming that, since the flowers come from her owners’ yard, Willow must hold her neighbors in high esteem. Perhaps Willow is simply offering payment for the kindnesses shown to her by all the nearby residents, or she is attempting to barter a flower for a snack and a comfy box in which to curl up. Either way, Willow the cat has found a great way to continue endearing herself to the local residents of her neighborhood.

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Generous Cat Offers Flowers in Trade for Treats and a Good Nap