Gentle Doberman plays with new blind friend

He treats her like any other dog.

Two Dobermans play together happily. Kilroy shares his toy with Lucy who is blind. They have fun with one another.

It is hard to say what a dog is thinking, but sometimes we can infer from their actions. When a family took in Lucy, a blind Doberman, it was great to see Kilroy, their own Doberman, treat her with absolute kindness.

Kilroy may be able to tell that Lucy cannot see him, so he plays with her by staying close. He holds up the toy for her and they play a little game of tug-of-war.

She chews the toy happily as Kilroy stands over her, making sure not to be too rough. He pulls back, having fun with her without straying too far.

He drops the toy for a moment, and waits for a while before picking it up again and returning to play with Lucy. Perhaps he wanted to see what she would do.

They continue playing with Lucy chewing and tugging on the toy. Kilroy seems pleased to be able to get her to have fun. Surely they will be best friends forever.

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Gentle Doberman plays with new blind friend