Little girl is the perfect sister to her special needs dogs

These fur babies are lucky to have such a wonderful family!

Taking care of one special needs dog is a lot of work, but a woman named Hilary took care of six. Fortunately, Hilary got a lot of help from her compassionate daughter, Melanie.

All six of Hilary’s pups had a condition called megaesophagus. “I’d never heard of it,” said Hilary. “For them, food will just go in and sit there.” So, Hilary had to employ a unique way of feeding her pups.

The solution for the six dogs was a set of high chairs. When it was time to feed the pups, Melanie loved helping her canine siblings get comfortable in their chairs. “Their Bailey chairs [help them] get food into their stomach,” Hilary explained.

When the fur babies relaxed, the special needs dogs had to wear neck pillows. “They wear their neck pillows, and it’s like a security blanket for them,” said Hilary. “They love it.”

When Melanie was not helping her dog siblings into their high chairs or putting their neck pillows on, she would play with them and give them all the love they could ever want.

Thanks to Hilary and her daughter, these happy pups lived joyful lives with their big family. They went on runs with their dad and played in the snow together. “They just live life like normal dogs,” said Hilary.

Her pups were a big responsibility, but she never regretted adopting so many fur babies. “It’s been such a blessing in my life to have these dogs,” said Hilary. “They mean so much to me. They have really opened my world.”

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Little girl is the perfect sister to her special needs dogs