Golden retriever throws tantrum when guitar music ceases

Bailey’s head-bobbing brings a smile to my face. 😄🐕

Let’s dive into the unique story of Bailey, an unforgettable golden retriever, who lived her life dancing to the rhythm of her dad’s strumming guitar. Bailey, a furry embodiment of joy and love, has an unusual penchant for music, her dad’s music, to be exact. As Drew Cole strums his guitar, her gentle eyes shine, her tail wagging in perfect time with the melody. But what happens when the music stops? Well, you’re about to find out in a delightful video.

Bailey is not just another golden retriever; she’s a connoisseur of good tunes and heartfelt melodies. The bond she shares with Drew, her musically talented dad, has a certain rhythm to it, one that’s captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Drew and Bailey, an extraordinary duet whose love for music transcends species barriers, have found a place in the global limelight.

These loveable golden retrievers are known for their amicable nature, tolerance, and a strong affinity for their human companions. However, Bailey has a charming idiosyncrasy. She dislikes, or rather, refuses to accept a silent home. When the guitar tunes fade, her disapproval is palpable.

This delightful duo’s antics provided a surprising boost to Drew’s music career, catapulting him onto the stage of The Voice’s 14th season. While Drew didn’t clinch the title, he continues his music journey while tending bar in sunny California.

The touching video, lasting 1:21 minutes, captures the essence of the heartwarming bond between Bailey and Drew. Bailey’s vibrant energy dissipates as the music stops, replaced by a stern, questioning look. But when the guitar springs back to life, so does Bailey’s infectious joy.

An Animal Rescue Society reporter uncovered this delightful video, spreading Bailey’s rhythmic joy to the world. Tragically, like all earthly beings, Bailey passed on, leaving a musical void in Drew’s life. In a heart-rending Facebook tribute, Drew shared how Bailey’s love for music and joyous spirit marked the world indelibly.

Bailey’s endearing story is now part of the celestial symphony, her spirit forever bobbing to the cosmic rhythm. For a taste of Bailey’s contagious joy and an intimate look into her unique bond with Drew, you don’t want to miss out on watching the video.

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Golden retriever throws tantrum when guitar music ceases