Goofy cat loves taking showers with her mom

Oh my goodness! She even has her own little robe!

Most of the time, cats hate anything that involves them getting wet. But Katie’s cat, Pym, loved going into the shower with her mom. She even made it part of her daily routine.

Pym’s strange shower behavior started when she was a kitten. “I didn’t bring her in the water or show her the water,” said Katie. “She had never looked at a faucet before.”

Despite that, Pym made her desire to shower with her mom known. As soon as Katie grabbed her robe, Pym would rush ahead to wait in the shower for the water to start.

Katie thought her strange cat’s behavior would stop as she aged, but Pym only grew to love this time with her mom more. “Everything you’ve heard about cats not liking the water does not apply to my Pym,” said Katie.

One day, Katie introduced her cat to a tiny kiddie pool, but Pym was not as enthused. Pym was just as unenthusiastic about the outdoor shower. There was only one shower she wanted.

Pym might have been open-minded with the shower, but she was particular about her post-shower routine. “Pym actually has a whole post-shower ritual to dry off,” said Katie. Pym hated being towel-dried, but she loved wearing her kitty robe.

Pym was not a typical cat, but Katie would not have it any other way. “She has definitely got a very special place in my heart,” said Katie. “She’s been a part of my life for so long, and we’ve been through a lot together.”

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Goofy cat loves taking showers with her mom