This Goofy dog had me laughing out loud within seconds! Just wait until you see the end…

Summer is behind us completely, and what better way to remember those days than reminiscing about those lazy, warm days and enjoying a nice pool? And the best part about these outdoor experiences is that you can bring your furry friends along! You might not know this already, but dogs can love water sports and activities just as much as humans do, if not even more!

The dogs in the hilarious compilation below give a demonstration of just how much dogs love water. From jumping into pools, to racing, playing, or just splashing about by themselves, fun is just endless when you have a dog and some sort of body of water, even if it’s just a tiny inflatable pool.

Below, you will see a compilation of many different but equally perfect moments that many pups shared with their families on the water. Some dogs are natural swimmers, some others just love to refresh themselves on sunny days, but what they all have in common is that they all love to have fun in the sun, and you should look no further than the video below to see the proof of that.

Check out how all these dogs like to swim and splash about in the hilarious montage right below!