18-Year-Old Hyacinth Macaw Has Strongest Beak in the World

I love these home safaris; I always learn something new.

With many places still closed around the United States, tourist attractions like the Cincinnati Zoo are virtually bringing the animals to you. They’ve been showcasing what they call “home safari” tours that allow people to get a zoo-like experience from the comfort of their own home.

On one of their latest uploads, The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden are showcasing a stunning hyacinth macaw named Rio. The beautiful bird is 18 years old and is known for having the most significant and strongest beak in the world.

Zoo employee, Dustin, tells viewers about how powerful their beaks really are. Comparing it to the human bite force of 150 pounds per square inch, the hyacinth macaw has a power of 1,200 pounds per square inch.

It’s incredible to get an engaging experience with a bird over the internet. There’s endless information about the exotic species, and Dustin even answers questions from viewers. We hope Rio is living a happy and healthy life at his home at the Cincinnati Zoo.

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18-Year-Old Hyacinth Macaw Has Strongest Beak in the World