Gorgeous Flycatcher Enjoys Dip in Japanese Birdbath

All he needs is a cute little shower cap.

Birds spend a lot of their time flying around looking for a delicious morsel to eat. It can be exhausting to flap their wings all day long, and a birdbath is a perfect way to kick back and relax.

A small woodland bird called the Flycatcher calls the dense trees of Japan home. A retired architect created a unique birdbath for his tiny friends to enjoy. It had a bowl of delicious birdseed next to a birdbath with a waterfall.

Thankfully, the genius architect set up a wildlife camera next to the birdbath to capture stunning footage of them enjoying his creation. Using a solar circulating pump, the bath acts like a shower thanks to the constant flow of water pouring into it.

A young male blue and white Flycatcher enthusiastically hops into the bath to cool off. It isn’t long before another one stops by to grab a bite to eat and take a refreshing drink of water. These little cuties can’t get enough of this man’s creative efforts.

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Gorgeous Flycatcher Enjoys Dip in Japanese Birdbath