When this Greedy Cat Steals The Dog's Toy, the dog has no idea what to do!

Thai the Boston Terrier was very excited when Mum brought him home this fancy new chew toy. But before he could even play with it, the cat stole that the poor dog didn’t know what to do. This dog learned a very important life lesson: cats are jerks.

Thai musters up the courage to confront the cat about his behavior and want ensued was captured and went viral on YouTube. The dog’s mom said, “Our cat stole the dog’s toy and won’t give it back. Poor Thai. He just couldn’t figure out how to get it back.”

The relationship between this dog and cat is certainly one a sibling rivalry. The incredible emotions displayed by this dog is enough to pull on your heartstrings. Seeing just how sad and unsure the poor dog is when the cat steals the toy is enough to break anyone’s heart.

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