Grumpy, anti-social house cat instantly falls in love with his “mini-me”

Garfield and Buddy sleeping together has got to be the cutest thing.

While some felines can be open and welcoming to other cats, many fur babies find it difficult to get along with others of their kind. That was the case for Izzy’s cat Garfield.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

During the day, Izzy attached a leash to Garfield and let him roam the yard for enrichment. His time outside would often put him in contact with other cats, and no matter who the cat was, Garfield would immediately try to start a fight.

But one day, a kitten showed up in Izzy’s yard, and Garfield’s reaction was completely different. Not only did he tolerate this new friend. He seemed to enjoy the kitten’s company.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

“This little orange kitten would come over and just hang around him,” said Izzy. As soon as Garfield was outside, the kitten would be there to play with him until it was time for Garfield to come back inside.

For Izzy, the kitten became a regular part of her day. “Whenever I put Garfield out, I seem to be expecting that the kitten will be coming over and then hanging around the porch,” said Izzy.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

One day, the kitten, who Izzy named Buddy, started showing an interest in coming inside. “When Buddy started coming inside the house, you would seem to notice that he was kinda curious about everything,” said Izzy. And one day, Buddy decided to make Izzy and Garfield his forever family.

Buddy seemed more than happy with his new home, and Garfield seemed to enjoy having a new friend to keep him company. “He’s become part of our family,” said Izzy.

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Grumpy, anti-social house cat instantly falls in love with his \