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Happy Cows Want to Play with Adorable New Dalmatian Friend

I didn’t even know that cows could jump (yeah, I remember the nursery rhyme). This is the cutest cow ever.

This adorable video shows exactly what happens when an overexcited cow meets a beautiful speckled Dalmatian for the first time in her life. The video begins with a black cow rushing up to Louie the Dalmatian, the two shares a quick meet and greet before the cow starts to jump up and down from her utter joy excitedly.

The two animals may look incredibly different, but when they sniff each other, they really both seem to be having a clear understanding of each other. Due to the commotion of the black cow’s happiness, a beautiful light brown bovine comes into the picture. The lighter cow seems a bit calmer and tenderly sniffs at Louie’s face. When her ears go back, we couldn’t help but smile at her cute little cow face.

Cows really seem to have an honest interest whenever they encounter other animals; have you ever seen such an adorable occurrence as this before? When Louie started to wag his tail, we were all laughing.

These two animals obviously seem to be enjoying each other’s company, and we’re glad that the owner was there to make sure everyone played nicely together. What a cute video of new friends meeting each other for the first time – check them out in the video below.

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Happy Cows Want to Play with Adorable New Dalmatian Friend