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Happy Herd of Cows Give Precious Cat a Bath

Looks like this kitty got a free trip to the spa.

When you think of animal friends that are from different species, you may not think of cats and cows. Felines are known to keep to themselves and are relatively protective over their space, except for one friendly barn cat.

A beautiful orange tabby is seen relaxing next to the pen where a herd of cows is eating. It isn’t long until the adorable cattle come up to the comfy cat and give her a salon-level treatment with endless licks.

It’s not unusual for cats to groom themselves and lick other critters around them, but to have the tables turned is a rare sight to see. Whoever owns this farm treats their animals with love and care.

While the pampering session might have started with one cow, it doesn’t take much time for three or four more to approach the feline to show it love. We’re glad there was a camera rolling to capture this heartwarming moment.

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Happy Herd of Cows Give Precious Cat a Bath