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One Heroic Man Rescues 75 Tigers From Horrific “Tiger Mill”

What untold depravity these poor animals must have gone through for the sake of the almighty dollar.

People worldwide have heard of puppy mills, but the phrase “tiger mill” is a lot less popular. Thanks to one man’s heart for justice, 75 tigers are getting a second chance at a healthy life.

Tiger mills are a lot like puppy mills in that their main goal is to breed a myriad of species to make a quick buck. When a man found a roadside mill masked as a sanctuary, he jumped into action.

It took over 40 trips, 66,000 miles, and 15 loving facilities to find the 75 tigers new homes. Everyone involved was happy to do their part in giving these helpless animals a chance to thrive in an appropriate environment.

We hope that they continue to rescue the over 7,000 tigers in captivity at the 50 tiger mills in the United States. It’s heartwarming to know that these precious and beautiful cats have found people that genuinely love and care about them.

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One Heroic Man Rescues 75 Tigers From Horrific “Tiger Mill”