He’s In Charge Of Those Beautiful Clydesdales. Now Watch How He Takes Care Of Them! INCREDIBLE!

Budweiser Clydesdale horses are renowned all over the world. Though they are now popular for their beer roots in St. Louis, these gentle giants come straight out of the beautiful pastures of Scotland. They are bred at the Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Missouri. John Soto, the supervisor of the ranch, is responsible for 70 of these beautiful horses.

John has a lot of responsibilities. One of them is to be a breeding and birthing coach for the Clydesdales. In this clip, he shows some perfect examples for Budweiser’s standards. The horses that are selected to feature for Budweiser get the chance to pull the three Budweiser Clydesdale hitches that travel around the country. Wait till you see this beautiful “behind the scenes” story!

We get to meet one special little filly named Arizona. She is still very young but already weighs two hundred pounds. She is feisty and spunky and a perfect example of a beautiful Clydesdale. We also get to meet Duke. He’s a big boy and is the pride and joy of this farm. Duke represents what all Clydesdales strive to be.

John is also the beautician for these stunning animals. In this clip we see him giving them haircuts and even blow drying them, which I found quite funny. He even has some sort of device that looks like a vacuum that he runs over the horses. They sure do look perfect when he’s finished.

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