Hungry Golden Retriever Brings Lunch for Baby Bunnies

I think Bailey is slowly turning into a bunny.

Golden retrievers are one of the most friendly and loving breeds of dogs. They’re known for being incredible for families with kids or other animals in the home. Bailey is a golden retriever that has quite a platform online for her adorable antics.

This time, the charming canine is kind enough to bring lunch to her baby bunny friends. Four floppy-eared rabbits are sitting on the couch when Bailey approaches them with a mouthful of delicious carrots.

You’d think that he’d leave the carrots there for her one-month-old bushy-tailed buds to eat. Instead, Baily starts munching on the greens of the carrots and joins them for lunch. It’s a strange sight to see, yet we can’t look away.

The bunnies hop around Bailey as she lays on the couch, and they start having their lunch together. It’s adorable beyond words to see two different species getting along so well. Now all that’s left to do is see what they’re having for dinner.

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Hungry Golden Retriever Brings Lunch for Baby Bunnies