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Five different instances of animals helping out other animals in need

The Orangutan was really gentle with that bird and seemed curious and concerned.

Animals are very caring creatures who go out of their way to help one another. There have been a few great moments captured that show the kindness of these animals.

An Orangutan saw a tiny bird in the water struggling to swim. He grabbed a leaf and tried to let the bird hold onto it. When that didn’t work, the Orangutan picked up the bird and ensured he was safe.

One tortoise was upside down and couldn’t get himself upright. His friend approaches and starts to push him from underneath. After some effort, the tortoise flips his friend.

In the water, a fawn was drowning. A dog jumped in and guided the baby deer back to shore. The dog carried the creature onto dry land and stayed close to the shivering animal.

When a small elephant was stuck in a ditch, he tried his best to climb out. Nothing he did was working until an older elephant came to help.

The bigger elephant climbed down and pushed the younger one from behind. It was no longer a struggle for the small elephant to get out with aid from a friend.

There was a tiny kitten that fell into a giant pit. His mother was above him and was scared to climb down. The kitten tumbled down the hole, and his mom jumped in and carried him home.

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Five different instances of animals helping out other animals in need