Jaw-Dropping Footage of Wild Cardinal Feeding Goldfish Pond

Aw, she must be a great momma bird.

When the word compassion comes to mind, you might think of a selfless nurse or an iconic figure like Mother Theresa. Surprisingly, humans aren’t the only ones that can show compassion and a desire to help others.

While cardinals are known for their stunning red feathers, angelic call, and their love for sunflower seeds, they can be quite charitable. Though these birds are known for sticking with their species, one cardinal ventured out to feed some goldfish.

There are multiple reasons why this event is so rare, and we’re thankful it was all caught on video. For starters, it’s a black-headed cardinal that’s feeding the goldfish. These birds aren’t often seen compared to their cardinal friends that have all their feathers.

Secondly, it’s not all that common to see these beautiful birds in the act of feeding. While we don’t know precisely why this mother decided to feed these hungry fish, but we’re glad she did. It’s undoubtedly a sight to see.

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Jaw-Dropping Footage of Wild Cardinal Feeding Goldfish Pond