Joyful Owl Discovers New Chicks in Her Nest

The owl’s joy knows no bounds upon discovering new life in her nest.

Oh, the love of a mother! Unfathomable, boundless, and as pure as the dawn’s first light. Nestled in the serene landscape of Yorkshire, where nature gracefully stretches its arms to embrace creatures big and small, a tale of maternal love unfolds. It’s a story that transcends species, delving deep into the heart of emotions, as a rescued tawny owl named Luna, deprived of her own offspring, becomes a loving mother to orphaned owlets.

Robert E. Fuller, a talented wildlife artist living in Yorkshire, UK, crafts more than mere pictures and paintings. His garden, an architectural marvel designed to attract wildlife, is where his art meets life. It’s a sanctuary where creatures find refuge, and a stage where Fuller observes their behavior, translating their essence into his beautiful works of art.

Fuller’s connection with the natural world goes beyond mere observation. His heart beats in harmony with the animals he rescues, like orphaned or lost owlets, baby owls seeking solace and care.

One such special being in Fuller’s world is Luna, an owl who once found herself embraced by the very love she later desired to give. Rescued in 2017, Luna was raised by the loving owls at Fuller’s place. A healthy, vibrant adult, Luna’s heart ached to be a mother. Two years she spent working towards her dream, but alas! Her eggs never hatched. An entire batch lost, Luna’s maternal yearning remained unfulfilled.

Two little owlets, orphaned and in need, crossed Fuller’s path. He knew immediately, with a conviction as deep as the forest’s silence, that placing these babies with Luna would fulfill her longing and gift the babes a chance at life.

With trembling anticipation, Fuller placed the owlets inside Luna’s nest. As she peeked her head in and spotted her new babies, Luna lunged into her tree hole, hurrying to embrace them, covering them with her wings, a gesture as tender as a lullaby.

This act of warmth and protection, known as “brooding,” is Luna’s way of helping her babies regulate their body temperature until they grow feathers of their own. Fuller’s joy knew no bounds, for Luna was finally a mother!

Luna’s partner, Bomber, too welcomed the owlets, albeit with cautious excitement. Luna guided him with a firm but gentle claw, a playful insistence that he must now provide.

The babies thrived under the love and care of their new parents. Luna’s tale, a story etched with longing, joy, and ultimate fulfillment, resonates with every heart that beats for love. It’s a testament to nature’s miraculous ways and the power of empathy.

Watch Luna’s joyous embrace with her babies in the video and let your heart be warmed. May this story inspire you to extend your love and kindness to the creatures around you. Share this with your friends and family, and if the tale has touched your heart, remember the principle that binds us all – adopt, don’t shop.

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Joyful Owl Discovers New Chicks in Her Nest