Keen-eared jogger rescues dog stuck under breakwater rocks with tide coming in

All animal control officers need to be as kind, diligent and compassionate as Carlos Ortega.

Now gather close, my fellow compassionate souls, and lend an ear to the tale of our brave damsel, Gwen, a Springer Spaniel of Noe Valley, San Francisco. As agile as a gazelle yet as soft-hearted as a lamb, Gwen found herself in quite the pickle; trapped beneath a fortress of stony breakwater, the relentless tide creeping in. But do not despair, for this narrative, rich with suspense, does indeed bear a sunny conclusion, thanks to a jogger with an ear as sharp as an eagle’s eye.

In this tale, immortalized through the magic of digital recording, our heroic jogger, who’d been pounding the trail with rhythmic dedication, discerned a muffled cry from the rock pile. Astounded, he unearthed Gwen, her hopeful eyes gleaming from a crag in the rocks. Swift as the wind, he summoned the gallant knights of San Francisco Animal Care and Control, with Officer Ortega riding to the rescue.

Locating our four-legged lady in distress proved to be no small feat, yet the jogger’s snapshot guided Ortega like a North Star. As the tide advanced with intimidating fervor, the clock ticked down, making every moment precious. After exhausting several strategies, Ortega, with strength and determination, shifted the formidable rocks and extracted Gwen from her rocky prison. Overwhelmed with relief, Gwen bestowed upon him a generous, loving kiss on his bearded cheek, a true canine seal of gratitude for her providential escape.

Officer Ortega, armed with the data from Gwen’s microchip, returned the frightened but unscathed spaniel to her anxious family, who had reported her missing. The reunion that ensued, fueled by relief and joy, was a sight to behold, as Gwen nestled in the warmth of her home. It left all involved bewildered as to how she managed to tuck herself into such a confined space, but the overwhelming feeling was gratitude for her safe return.

The account of Gwen’s daring rescue, courtesy of an Animal Rescue Society reporter, is a beautiful testament to the unyielding bond between humans and their furry companions, a symbol of our innate duty to safeguard all creatures. We can only ponder the wave of relief that must have washed over Gwen’s family as they held their beloved pet close once again, a gentle reminder to never relinquish hope and to maintain vigilance in preserving the well-being of all earth’s creatures.

I urge you, dear friend, to relish the heartening tale immortalized in the accompanying video of Gwen’s rescue. And if your heart mirrors mine in any capacity, you’ll be left sporting an irrepressible grin, a burning desire to share this tale, to ‘pin’ the video, and to distribute this little piece of happiness far and wide.

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Keen-eared jogger rescues dog stuck under breakwater rocks with tide coming in