This Pup Was Minding His Own Business. Then SUDDENLY His Kitty Brother Does THIS! WHOA.

We’re all kids at heart… and that includes this adorable kitty! Here he is with his dog brother and they’re just hanging out in the TV room, relaxing…. until kitty gets an idea!

So, he slowly and subtly walks over to the curtain like he’s minding his own business. But you can see that hint of “naughtiness” in his gait. You know he’s up to something!

And from behind the curtain he spies his “prey” 😉 LOL! Suddenly he jumps out and pounces! Then, a few seconds later, it’s time for round 2! Just adorable.

The icing on the cake is the pup’s expression. He lovingly looks up at the camera at the end as if to say, “you just had to get a cat, didn’t you…” But he and we know it’s all fun and games for these two. These inter-species siblings obviously have a lot of love for each other.