Lonely Man Walks In The Park. Now Watch The Dog…

The newest ad that Amazon Prime TV has currently running in the U.K. will melt your heart in an instant. The video, which is right below here, features a dog named Flash, who badly hurt his little leg. You can see as the badly hurt dog struggles to keep up with his owner as the both walk through the park. Flash is heartbroken when he sees how all the dogs are playing and running, which he cannot do anymore.

After his owner, Jessie, realizes that his dog is feeling the blues, he comes up with a master plan that will brighten Flash’s day in an instant. He checks out the Amazon Prime app on his cellphone and asks for a gift that will make his little Maltese doggie very, very happy.

He makes his purchase and you can see how when it’s finally delivered, Flash’s life is practically solved forever. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s impossible to deny that it’s one of the most charismatic and hilarious TV commercials that has ever been released. I just love to see how they use cute animals on video commercials!

You can watch this adorable advertisement from Amazon Prime, right below here. Share it on Facebook with your friends, too!

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