Lost little baby otter can’t find his mommy

Heart-warming and beautiful.

Mothers are always there when we need them. Watch as to how this mother otter saves her pup after it falls off a wooden dock.

Mothers will always know best. This mother’s maternal instincts were clearly shown when she rescued her pup when it needed her the most.

At first, her adorable puppy is seen alone in the video – with lively twists and turns – this puppy exudes cuteness as it attempts to roll down from the wooden dock.

After a few seconds, the video shows that its mother was actually waiting for it to come down. When the pup clumsily fell from the dock, her mother gently grabbed and stroked the crying puppy to ensure that everything was fine.

Otters are primarily nocturnal animals, but they do occasionally wander outside during the day. It was just pure coincidence that the web witnessed the heartwarming display of this mother’s love for her pup.

To date, it has received over 5 million views on YouTube alone. The clip has wowed animal lovers and made them remember the unconditional love of their mothers.

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Lost little baby otter can’t find his mommy