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Loving Golden Retriever Adopts Ten Stray Baby Chicks

What a great way to start my day.

Golden retrievers are known for being gentle, friendly, and kind dogs. They’re one of the reasons canines get the nickname “man’s best friend.” One family got a unique surprise one day when they’re dog found ten baby chickens.

Bailey is a coyote/retriever mix that loves to spend time outdoors in her yard. While she doesn’t have any pups of her own, this doesn’t stop her motherly instincts from kicking in. This all took place when ten adorable chicks waddled their way into Bailey’s yard.

The cute canine was gentle and slow with her movements around the young birds. While Bailey’s owners aren’t sure what happened to the mother chicken, their dog adopted them like they were her own children.

It’s hard not to smile when you watch the fluffy golden retriever mix roll around the grass with her new lot of friends. Eventually, the chicks went off to a proper home, but Bailey still gets to visit them occasionally.

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Loving Golden Retriever Adopts Ten Stray Baby Chicks