Loyal dog chases ambulance to the hospital. Then there's an emotional twist

Whatever your own decision ends up being, I hope you give it the consideration it deserves. This spot really does a great job driving home just how important it is.

Dogs have been called “man’s best friend” and it’s more than just a figure of speech. Dogs and their human parents form incredibly strong bonds. The sentiment is very much mutual: for the dog, the humans are part of the pack while from the humans’ standpoint, the dog is a member of the family.

The incredible strength of canine loyalty was on display in a public service announcement that was recently on TV in Argentina. It begins with a typical day in the life of an older man and his dog. The two are inseparable. The dog wakes him up in the morning and then follows him around on the day’s errands, waiting patiently while the man shops or chats with friends in a cafe. Needless to say, someone gets a tasty treat as a reward for being such a good dog.

That evening, the man is sitting in his living room when he suddenly suffers a stroke. His dog, loyal as always, chases the ambulance all the way to the hospital. The dog would have followed the stretcher into the building except for the quick reflexes of a hospital employee who closes the door just in time. This loyal pooch isn’t going anywhere. He waits outside the hospital for several days, looking miserable, often with his chin flat on the ground. Then something very surprising happens. A woman who’s just undergone surgery is wheeled out of the hospital and the dog runs right up to her. You’d think he was greeting his old friend… But it turns out that the old man didn’t make it. But as the dog senses, he’s living on, in this case through the woman who received his liver.

This poignant and moving video is posted below. The message is that organ donation is really important. The supply of donor organs lags far behind the demand and as a result, thousands of people find themselves on long waiting lists.

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