Mama bear teaches her comical cub how to use the playground slide

I guess bears really do enjoy the occasional picnic.

Bear playing

Did you know that bears can enjoy playing and sliding just like young children? Some bears were recorded playing at a local school playground in Asheville, North Carolina.

Beware of what may be lurking in the playground the next time you take your children out to play. The video shows what wild animals can do with some free time.

A surprised onlooker recorded a group of bears playing on the equipment provided at the school playground. The group comprised a mama bear and her cubs.

The mama bear is seen going down the giant slide. She quickly proceeds to the smaller slide to oversee her cubs make their way down the slide. Leading by example!

Mama bear has been hailed as a loving mom and good teacher. She slides down the slide to show the cubs how it’s done and expects them to follow suit.

The incident was not a significant worry for teachers and children. It’s common to sight a bear within the vicinity. School kids will immediately go into a perimeter lockdown until it’s safe to venture outdoors.

Seeing a bear roaming around is not very scary for people living here. People have learned to live and adapt appropriately. Children can go on perimeter lockdown three times a week!

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Mama bear teaches her comical cub how to use the playground slide