Mama wolf hurries to save her baby pups from flooded den

Life in the wild is tough, especially for a mama wolf.

Bears are often the first creatures to come to mind when people think of nature’s best mothers, but this video of a mother rescuing her babies shows that another strong candidate might be wolves.

While the melting of the snow is seen as a sign of the warm weather to come, it can pose a threat to certain animals. That was the case when this mama wolf’s den started to flood.

Four weeks before the snow melted, the pregnant wolf had thought she had found the perfect den for her and her babies. While she went hunting, her babies would be safe beneath the tree.

But as the weather warmed up, her den filled with more and more water. The den became so wet that she would come outside and be soaked in the melting snow water.

Finally, the mama wolf knew she could not keep her babies in the den any longer. She looked around the forest to make sure no predators were watching her. Then, she began her extraction.

One by one, the mama wolf pulled her babies out of her den. Each time, she seemed more reluctant to leave her little ones out in the dangerous open, but she could not leave any of her babies in the den.

After pulling out all six of her babies, the mama wolf still was not done. She made sure to put her babies in a safe temporary place and started her journey to find a new home for her family.

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Mama wolf hurries to save her baby pups from flooded den