Man raises gorilla, 6 years later, gorilla meets his wife – despite warnings, she walks too close

This bond is proof that animals and humans can coexist in harmony.

Nestled deep in the emerald folds of the jungle, an extraordinary saga of love and friendship blossoms. A saga that traces back over a decade, when Damian Aspinall, a man with a heart as vast as the wild, welcomed two infant gorillas, Djalta and Ima, into his life. These gorilla brothers, under Damian’s loving tutelage, flourished until they were prepared to embrace their wild roots.

Fast forward to six years later, Damian embarked on a journey back to the jungle, this time accompanied by his wife, Victoria. The burning question hung in the muggy air – would Djalta and Ima extend their arms of acceptance to Victoria? Gorillas are known for their unpredictable temperament, and the time gap since they last saw Damian was considerable.

The adventurous couple waded through the jungle, steering clear of lurking crocodiles to reach the home the gorilla brothers had made their own. Their anticipation was met with an awe-inspiring encounter.

Upon setting eyes on Damian, Djalta and Ima didn’t skip a beat before rushing to embrace their old friend. But what truly took the couple’s breath away was the overwhelming warmth with which the gorillas welcomed Victoria. Their endearing acceptance suggested they had been expecting her all along.

Human-animal bonds can be deeply moving and this video is a beautiful testament to that truth. We often assign the attribute of bonding only to domestic animals, but this narrative paints a broader, richer picture.

The depth of emotional connection Ima and Djalta displayed when they saw Damian and Victoria together is a poignant reminder of the capacity of wild animals to love and bond. The story reassures us that animals, too, can experience emotions as deeply as humans do.

As an Animal Rescue Society reporter, I invite you to witness this mesmerizing reunion yourself through the video that accompanies this story. I’ll withhold the details, but I promise you an unforgettable experience.

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Man raises gorilla, 6 years later, gorilla meets his wife – despite warnings, she walks too close