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Man spots drowning Bald Eagle in river and saves her life

There was a change in the eagle’s demeanor when she recognized he wasn’t a threat.

Emmet Blois of Shubi River Wranglers rescued a majestic Bald Eagle that was drowning in a river. The tidal bore had started, and the waves were strong across the river.

While Blois was out rafting, he saw five eagles take off, and only one didn’t fly away. In the water, Blois spotted the massive eagle trying to flap to safety. The eagle’s energy was draining.

As soon as the water poured in, it knocked the eagle into the water. Blois knew that eagles weren’t meant to be in the water, and they pulled her to a calmer part of the river.

Once they were in a safer place, they pulled the bird onto their boat. There were a lot of nerves in the beginning, mainly because her talons were so giant.

Blois saw how big the eagle’s talons were, and that didn’t stop him from keeping his hand on her chest. She was overwhelmed, and Blois could feel her heart racing.

The beautiful eagle did bite Blois, but she was only trying to protect herself. Eventually, she calmed down, and he held onto her for around an hour until they docked.

The eagle had the most beautiful eyes Blois had ever seen. She had ligament damage and was eventually released after she fully recovered. Blois was thankful to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime rescue.

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Man spots drowning Bald Eagle in river and saves her life