This Man Is Walking In A Park Alone And Sad. Then This Dog Creeps Up Behind Him. Watch What He Does! WHOA!

If you’re like me, sometimes you’re feeling a little down or perhaps alone. We all feel that way every once in a while.

So when something comes along to cheer us up, we accept it and let it warm our hearts.

And the most recent commercial by Amazon has America melting in their seats. You have to see what’s touched our hearts in the clip below.

As the video starts, a lonely man is dragging his feet through the park. But then a cute little white dog with a broken leg starts to scamper behind him. What could this little guy be doing?

As can be expected, other dogs are in the park. Although they run by the little guy with the broken leg. He doesn’t seem to take it personally. He just seems to be content to be able to enjoy the nice sunny day in the park. But the pup is a bit sad that he can’t run and play with them.

But the man can no longer stand watching his broken leg dog struggle to enjoy the park to the fullest. So he opens up his app and orders a surprise.

Flash forward to the next day. You’ve got to see what he bought for his pup!

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