Meet Moshu, the Red Panda with a case of the munchies

I will do everything in my power to help the red pandas.

In a lovely zoo in Oregon zookeeper, Nicole happily answers people’s questions about red pandas. She teaches people all about them as she feeds their resident red pandas Moshu and Mei Mei.

Moshu is a type of red panda that is found in the forests of the Himalayan area. They mainly eat bamboo leaves and can eat several pounds a day.

Red pandas are often seen sleeping because they live on a low-calorie diet. They sleep differently depending on how hot or cold it is. During the hot season, they will rest on a log or branch while their legs dangle.

When it is cold, they will curl up into a ball and use the warmth of their thick, dense coats. Despite their name, they are not actually related to giant pandas.

The red panda was actually discovered fifty years before the giant panda. Moshu and Mei Mei continue to roam around as they are given treats by the zookeepers.

Unfortunately, red pandas are endangered. There are less than 10,000 mature red pandas out in the wild. According to Nicole, the first step to helping them is to learn about them.

Deforestation and poaching are hurting the red pandas. There are many ways to fight against this, and Nicole is more than thankful people are looking for ways to help them.

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Meet Moshu, the Red Panda with a case of the munchies