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Miracle Recovery: Electrocuted Baby Monkey Healed by Loyal Therapy Dog

This puts the expression “having a monkey on your back” into a whole new perspective.

You might already know that dogs and cats can be great companions to human babies. The four-legged friends at Peepal Farm in India proved their compassion extends to monkey babies.

The caretakers at Peepal Farm discovered the baby monkey, Anvi, shortly after the little one was electrocuted. Injured and disoriented, Anvi could not keep up with her troop, and they left her behind.

The caretakers knew Anvi needed time to recover, so they placed her in a cage. After losing her family, baby Anvi was stressed and restless, and the people at Peepal Farm worried she might not survive.

Fortunately, the caretakers received help from an unlikely friend: the cat, Billo. Billo joined Anvi and slept with her while she recovered. Thanks to her, Anvi calmed down and began to heal.

However, Billo quickly discovered that this little one was more than she could handle. Once Anvi regained her energy, she wanted to play, and Billo was not up for roughhousing. But the dogs at Peepal Farm were.

While playing with her canine friends, Anvi met the dog Munnu and made a life-changing discovery: she could ride Munnu’s back. “Anvi just found it to be comforting to ride him as if he were her mother,” said one caretaker.

Thanks to Munnu, Anvi did not have to be alone. “It was so great to see Anvi find another mother figure in Munnu and form that really strong motherly bond with him.”

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Miracle Recovery: Electrocuted Baby Monkey Healed by Loyal Therapy Dog