Mom Calls Them For Dinner, But Wait Till You See How These 6 Puppies React Next! SO CUTE!

I love watching animal videos. Every time I come across one on the internet, I go ahead and watch it. It just cheers up my mood considerably! The video below is a really adorable one. You are going to melt when you see this! What can be better than one dog? Six of them! So get ready for your daily dose of cuteness while watching these little Scottish Terriers delight in a special treat.

This video features six Scottie Terriers who love slurping on goat milk. This adorable group consists of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Nigel, and Annalise. Scottish Terriers are almost always solid black with ears that stand up and very short tails. These six are no exception. They are perfect examples of this super cute breed of dog.

This breed of dog is also pretty high energy. They don’t even stop moving when they eat! When mom pours some goat milk on a dish, these tiny furballs gather around and do something really adorable. Watch what they do when they get really excited about this special treat.

I can see why their owner feeds them all from one circular dish. They wiggle their little tails and spin around the dish like a pin wheel! They don’t stop moving around until the milk is gone. It’s so cute!

Watch their meal time in the video below! Aren’t these puppies adorable? Let us know what you thought about this through your comments!