Little Monkey “George” Inquisitively Unboxes His New Gift

I don’t know who is more excited about what is in the box, me or George.

‘Unboxing’ has become the novel way of showing off anything that we purchase. I have seen kids do it in videos, but I had never seen a monkey unbox product until today. This adorable little monkey, George, is about to open a brand new water bottle.

It is much more exciting as it sounds, as this pint-size consumer is hilarious. He quickly tears open the box, which says, “The Coldest Water” on it. George quickly pulls out the bright blue water bottle; an insulated 64 oz growler, to be precise.

He makes quick work of all the plastic wrapping and proudly stands the bottle up. Then you can see him flipping through a little book that came with it, and his owner quips. “Oh, you are going to read the instructional manual first!”

Then he twists the lid off, peeks inside, and puts the cap back on. He removes the top one more time and then grabs the book again. It is as if it upsets him that there is no water in there and is trying to figure out why. He is such a smart monkey with oodles of charm!

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Little Monkey “George” Inquisitively Unboxes His New Gift