Mother Cat and Her Five Kittens with Rare Condition Find a Foster Home

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Ashley Morrison of Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) could not resist the adorable feline family she found at the shelter when she went there to look at the cats needing foster care. She fell in love immediately when the mother of the litter approached her that day.

The family of cats is all polydactyl, meaning they have extra toes, making their hind feet extra large. The kittens additionally were all born with Radial Hypoplasia, so their front legs are extra short and twisted. The combination, and the way they need to hop around on their hind feet, gives them the appearance of adorable miniature kangaroos.

The adorable family has all acquired names appropriate to their cute kangaroo features. Mom Kanga, a sleek black cat, matches her equally black son, Roo. The others are Skippy, the courageous and outgoing leader of the group, second in command Joey, Pouch Adams, the sweet runt of the litter, and the sole female, Marilyn Mon-roo.

Nothing deters these delightful felines from behaving as all cats and kittens do, although Ashley reports that when the kittens wrestle with each other they look “like they are in a tiny boxing match.” The kittens are all healthy and playful, and when they are old enough, they will be placed in their forever homes. For the time being though, they will continue to hop around enthusiastically in their foster home.

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Mother Cat and Her Five Kittens with Rare Condition Find a Foster Home