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New Neighbors: Precious Fawn and Kitten Become New Friends

These two have the perfect friendship.

In 2014, YouTube user The Lighthouse Lady found a tiny fawn on her property. She made a series of videos about this little guy and his rescue, including the video below.

The video below, though, isn’t about the fawn’s rescue so much as his friendliness. Lighthouse Lady’s neighbor has an adorable kitten that wandered over to meet the newest member on the block, and they seem to have become friends right off the bat.

The kitten seems to be quite fascinated by the fawn, and vice versa. The fawn is quite happy snuggling up to the kitten, pampering it with lots of licks and nuzzles. It looks like these two neighbors will become good friends.

Aren’t these two just darling together? I can picture them growing up together and romping through the forests, playing, and lazing. Though, with that rooster making such a ruckus in the background, they may not get to laze around too much. Enjoy this sweet video of two very different creatures becoming such good friends.

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New Neighbors: Precious Fawn and Kitten Become New Friends