New England farmers cannot believe their already giant cow just won’t stop growing

Tommy and Fred’s bond reminds us of the magic in everyday moments. 🐄👴🏻💫

In the gentle hills of New England, an unusual figure stands tall, both literally and figuratively. Tommy, a Brown Swiss steer, is nothing short of spectacular. Hailing originally from the Alpine regions, Tommy has become the darling of his New England farm, catching eyes and stealing hearts.

From our source material, we’ve learned that Brown Swiss are generally the titans of the dairy world, but Tommy is an exception even among his hefty peers. Rescued from an auction in 2010 by Fred Balawender, Tommy was given a second chance at life. This majestic creature didn’t just grow in size but also in the affection of those around him. Imagine, a steer named after Tom Brady, a GOAT quarterback of the New England Patriots! The parallels between the two are undeniable, both legends in their own right.

Fred’s daughter, Laurie, playfully reveals the backstory of Tommy’s name, bringing us into the world of sports and pets. We can’t help but smile at the thought of a gentle giant being named after an iconic athlete. Now, some might raise an eyebrow at Tommy’s intimidating size and his imposing horns. But you would be mistaken to judge this book by its cover. Tommy is a testament to the fact that Brown Swiss are known for their amiable disposition. This is further evident when you realize that despite his grandeur, Tommy is a steer, which inherently means he is more docile than bulls. And as Laurie puts it, “Despite his size and his enormous horns, Tommy has a calm and peaceful demeanor.”

Connecting with you, our fellow pet enthusiasts, we all understand that there’s a unique bond between animals and their caretakers. This bond is evident when you watch Tommy interact with Fred. They share an unspoken language, an understanding that transcends words. Tommy’s towering presence is not just a hit among adults. He has this magical ability to lower his head, letting even the tiniest of hands pet him. His keen sense of awareness, especially when Fred is around, reveals the depth of their relationship.

Taking care of a steer, especially one of Tommy’s magnitude, isn’t a walk in the park. From munching on 30 pounds of dry grain, over 75 pounds of hay, to gulping down 35-40 gallons of water, Tommy’s daily regime is fascinating. And like any other animal or human, Tommy has his quirks. This apple aficionado has even mastered the art of shaking wild apple trees. But when apples aren’t available, Tommy doesn’t mind indulging in cinnamon buns or carrots. Simple joys for a simple, massive steer.

But it’s not always sunny in New England. Tommy recently had a foot issue. As Laurie explains, with heavy animals like Tommy, healing is a slow process. But the silver lining? Comfort foods! Just like us, Tommy finds solace in his favorite treats.

The story of Tommy and Fred is not just about a record-setting steer. It’s a tale of love, dedication, and the magical connection humans share with animals. Their story has captivated people globally, and Fred’s joy knew no bounds when Tommy was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records. As Laurie aptly puts it, “The global outpouring of love and admiration for this extraordinary duo is overwhelming.”

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New England farmers cannot believe their already giant cow just won\'t stop growing