Ocean conservationist has a 22-year-long friendship with a Tiger Shark

There’s something adorable about how her eyelids flutter when he pets her.

Jim, an ocean conservationist, has a 22-year-long friendship with a beautiful Tiger Shark named Emma. She likes to follow him around and get her head rubbed like a Golden Retriever.

The other divers around Jim see how Emma treats him differently. She is a kind and gentle soul who enjoys being loved and receiving affection from her longtime friend.

At first glance, Emma can be quite intimidating because of her size and the preconceptions people have about sharks. After seeing her play with the diving crew, she isn’t scary at all.

It is heartwarming for Jim that there is a shark that recognizes him, and he wouldn’t have believed their story 20 years ago. He had been running ecotourism charters since 1998.

They don’t allow people to swim toward sharks. Instead, it is up to the shark to approach the humans. Jim discovered that sharks were loving and emotional creatures.

Most sharks had hooks in their mouths, and Jim tried being affectionate with them to gain their trust. It worked, and he had removed four hooks from Emma over the years.

Jim has extracted hundreds of hooks from eight species of sharks in twenty years. He wants people to know that sharks are like cats and dogs. Emma is a shark ambassador showing people their true nature.

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Ocean conservationist has a 22-year-long friendship with a Tiger Shark