An Octopus And Cuttlefish Play In A Tank

Who doesn’t love a fun game of hide and seek? Especially when both creatures of the sea are masters of disguise.

The octopus and the cuttlefish belong to the group of water-dwelling animals called cephalopods, a group of animals that have multiple limbs, and are symmetrical. Both creatures are experts in hiding themselves by changing the color of their skins to match that of their environment. In the experiment by Octolab, both creatures were treated carefully. Both are placed in a tank to observe their interactions.

The two cephalopods seem to be having a lot of fun in their new habitat. They instantly take up playing with one another. The cuttlefish has her turn first. She hides behind some seaweed in one corner of the tank, and the octopus finds her. The cuttlefish then swims away and hides behind some rocks in the opposite corner of the tank.

The two continue to play this hide and seek game, taking up the colors of the objects that they hide behind. When the octopus finds the cuttlefish, she quickly tries to find another place. They both seem to enjoy their new game and swim playfully around the tank. Finally, the cuttlefish gets tired and decides she wants to have a rest. She closes her eyes and sleeps next to some rocks.

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An Octopus And Cuttlefish Play In A Tank