How Do Octopuses React To Different Types Of Music?

Arnold and Liza show their musical preferences preferences in unusual ways.

Octopuses Arnold and Liza at Octolab were recently part of an experiment designed to see how they respond to different genres of music. The two cephalopods show their preferences in unusual ways.

The folks over at Octolab recently ran an experiment where they played a variety of music genres for their octopi and recorded their reactions. They put Arnold and Liza in separate tanks with a waterproof speaker in between their tanks and filmed what they did.

The idea for the video came from a request from an Octolab viewer: “I would love to see if he responds differently depending upon what type of music is playing! I believe that, through music, we MAY see “moods”! For Example: Classical, does it seem to relax him? Hip hop, make him anxious? Or excited? Is there any type of music that seems to put some pep in his step?

“I would just include his normal ‘safe space’ item. Then introduce different styles of music. I am just really, really hoping to see evidence of moods. That is really exciting!”

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How Do Octopuses React To Different Types Of Music?