Orphaned baby elephant calls for help, and herd rushes to her aid

One slight “squeak” from the baby, and “code red” response from the herd. AMAZING!!!

Khanyisa is a tiny baby elephant adopted by a herd, and she gets worried when she finds herself alone. One day she was hanging out with Mambo, the son of her adoptive mother, Lundi.

They were tossing dirt with their trunks, and Mambo is a lot larger than Khanyisa. She feels very safe next to him, but Mambo has the tendency to get distracted.

Mambo enjoys moving and climbing to whatever place he can get to. When Khanyisa isn’t looking, her playmate leaves her. Then she doesn’t see any of her family nearby.

Khanyisa does the only thing she can think of, and she cries out to the herd. Most of the older elephants react to the sound, and they come rushing in from all sides to surround baby Khanyisa.

The first to arrive at her side is Limpopo, followed by Lundi and Jabulani. They all call out and form a circle around Khanyisa to make sure she is defended.

More elephants arrive, and things calm down once they realize that the baby is safe and sound. Not everyone came running in to answer the call.

Mambo was still off exploring, and in the distance, two young elephants had fun sparring. Khanyisa is very fortunate to have such a loving family who would do anything to protect her.

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Orphaned baby elephant calls for help, and herd rushes to her aid